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Expand the scope of your research with Avacta’s affinity reagents

Avacta Life Sciences has developed non-antibody affinity reagents called Affimers based on a small protein scaffold.

Expect quick development times, batch-to-batch consistency, high affinity and surface stability. For use in diagnostics, drug & biomarker discovery and life science R&D.

The Affimer protein scaffold (represented symbolically as Ψ) is a biologically inert, biophysically stable scaffold based on the cystatin protein fold, capable of presenting a range of designed or random binding surfaces… For more info pick up a copy of the Affimers – Next Generation Affinity Reagents poster.

Protein microarrays, defined as large numbers of proteins immobilized on a two-dimensional surface, represent a major opportunity for the interrogation of biological samples and systems… For more info pick up a copy of the Very High Throughput Protein Expression and Purification poster.

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Affimers Applied

This short document outlines our Affimer technology and describes several applications.

There is also a handy table for you to compare Affimers with antibodies.

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A true alternative to antibodies
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Affimer Technology

Affimers that bind new targets are generated by modern library screening processes, so the likelihood of success is far greater than with traditional immunisation methods of generating custom antibodies. Additionally, specificity can be engineered by negative selection during screening.

  • Faster generation
  • Greater stability and robustness
  • Increased specificity
  • Better performance
  • No batch to batch variation
  • Fewer target limitations
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